Basic Support Service

Basic Support Service (BSS) is a support package that is provided with our products are selling on Marketplaces. This package will provide you the ability to get our product updates, bug fixes , tips and tricks, access to restricted resources, beta updates, etc.

This package only supports for current features of our products and support requests have to be based on demo files (which is provided with download packages), we will not solve problems of features that do not have in our feature list or conflict problems with other author’s products.

The BSS package DOES NOT include customization and installation services. If you need to customize or modify the product features or make a unique design, you have to do yourself or you can consider to use our customization support service.


When you contact us for this service, you must:

  • Provide us your purchase information (purchase or license code).
  • Describe your issues as clear as posible (with images, source code, demo link…).