WP OneSlider Plugin – Responsive Content Slider for WordPress

WP OneSlider is a WordPress Responsive Slider plugin that is not only used to show your banners, items or image gallery but also allow you add content into each slide with a lot of effects.

Additionally, WP OneSlider also has responsive design and touch swipe feature for mobile devices. By using this plugin you can make your contents more attractive.




WP OneSlider Features:

  • Responsive Slider.
  • Unlimited Slides.
  • Support Multi Sliders in a same page.
  • Infinitely Slide Rotating.
  • Touch Swipe for Mobile Devices.
  • Move Next/Prev Slide by Left/Right Keys or Buttons.
  • AutoPlay with Delay Time for Each Slide.
  • A lot of Transition Effects.
  • Show/Hide Slider Navigation ( Thumbnails ).
  • 4 Positions for Short Content.


Change Logs:

Nov 2017: First Release.





Table of Contents:

  1. Installing WP OneSlider plugin.
  2. Creating and Editing Sliders.
  3. Adding Sliders into Posts and Widgets.




Section 1: Intalling WP OneSlider plugin.

Installing WP OneSlider plugin is as simple as installing other WordPress plugins:

  1. Unzip the file you downloaded, you will get two folders: wp-oneslider-documentation and wp-oneslider-plugin.
  2. Upload the “wp-oneslider-plugin” folder to your WordPress plugin directory (“/wp-content/plugins/”).
  3. Go to your WordPress Admin page, then go to “Plugins’ section from the left menu bar. Now you will see “SONHLAB Oneslider” plugin. Click “Activate” to activate the plugin.

After activating the plugin you will see a new menu (OneSlider) in the left menu bar. The plugin has been already to use.


Section 2: Creating and Editing Sliders.

2.1 Creating a slider:

To create a slider, go to OneSlider menu from the left menu bar. Then click “Add new” button. A slider form will be appeared.


wp oneslider slider options


The first part contains general settings for the slider. The next part, you can find options to add the image and effects for each slide.

wp oneslider adding image


To add an image for a slide, you just click “Add image” button and do the same you add image into the post. You can also provide a link for the image in the “Redirect link” field.

Moving down, you will see the place to add text contents and settings for it (backgrounds, text colors, icon colors…).

wp oneslider slide text contents

At the bottom, you will see an “Add more” button. This button is used to add more slides for the slider. When you need to add new slides for the slider, you just click on the button then the form will be expanded to add new images and text contents.


At the right side, you will see an option to add frame background.

wp oneslider slider frame

If you don’t want to add a frame for the slider, just leave it blank. Else, there are two ways to create the frame: image pattern or simple color.

If you want to use image pattern, just click “set background” then choose an image.

If you want a simple color, click on the drop down list¬† in the “Background color” block (default: none) then choose “Solid Color” or “Transparent Color”.


Finally, you need to click “Publish” button at the right bar to save the slider that you have created.


There are many options in the form and almost of them have detail description. To see the option description you can move your pointer on the question mark.


2.2 Editing a slider:

To edit a slider, go to the OneSlider menu, then click on the slider name you want to edit.

wp oneslider edit slider


2.3 Deleting a slider:

To delete a slider, go to the OneSlider menu, move your pointer on the slider name, then click on “Trash” button.

If you want to delete sliders permanently, click on the “Trash” button under the “Add new” button. Then choose sliders you want to delete and click “Delete Permanently” button.

wp oneslider delete slider



Section 3: Adding Sliders into Post and Widgets.

To add a slider into a post or widget you just copy and paste the shortcode of the slider to the place that you want to show it.





[endedwords product=””]http://talk.sonhlab.com/room/wp-oneslider-plugin[/endedwords]


The jQuery version of this plugin: